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Archive for March 2014

Hello world!

Welcome to ElegantBiz Theme. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Other Shortcodes

With our simple to use shortcode terminal you will never have to memorize all of our shortcodes, and it doesn’t make your wordpress post editor looks like a space station with bunch of buttons. [columngroup][threecol_one] Content Lightbox To see content lightbox (text), [buttonibt url=”#text1″ style=”link” lightbox=”yes”]click me![/buttonibt] [break] To see content lightbox (image),[buttonibt url=”#image1″ style=”link” lightbox=”yes”]click…

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Tabs & infobox

Use the tab and collapse shortcode to easily group your content into short able items to send a clearer informations [columngroup][twocol_one] Tab – Title Position on Top [tabibt position=”top”] [tabtitle] [tabtitleitem title=”Title #1″ id=”tab_1″] [tabtitleitem title=”Title #2″ id=”tab_2″] [tabtitleitem title=”Title #3″ id=”tab_3″] [/tabtitle] [tabcontent] [tabcontentitem id=”tab_1″]Content Title #1 goes here[/tabcontentitem] [tabcontentitem id=”tab_2″]Content Title #2 goes…

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Button Shortcode

Various buttons example of the newElegantBiz that can be used as direct linking or lightbox. comes with various sizes mini size, small size, large size and extra large size. [columngroup][threecol_one] Mini Size [buttonibt title=”Button Example” url=”#” size=”xs” style=”default”]Button Example[/buttonibt] [buttonibt title=”Button Example” url=”#” size=”xs” style=”primary”]Button Example[/buttonibt] [buttonibt title=”Button Example” url=”#” size=”xs” style=”info”]Button Example[/buttonibt] [buttonibt title=”Button…

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Column Format

Default No Column or 1/1 Column The theme comes with various column format these are the examples of the column that can be used within your site, play around with it and you’ll find it is so much helpful in building your site. [columngroup][fourcol_one] 1/4 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit,[break] sed do…

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There are so much you can do with the images on your site. as an example you can use carousel photos shortcode where you can display entire photo from your site or from specific post where you store images such as gallery post,[carouselphotos number_column=”4″ title=”Carousel photo”] [hr]   For displaying galleries you can use the…

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